This post is a story from my vacation in New York City May/June 2018.
Enjoy reading

It was the 19th time since the first trip in 2002.In 2018 I was in New York City – surprise – LOL.

I was in the City for 4 weeks, which was the longest I have been.

This time I stayed in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at the same place as in 2017.

Hotels in NYC are so expensive, so I have been using Airbnb many times.

The trip took place from May 22 – June 18.

When I am in New York, I feel I’m at home!. May sound a little weird, but true.

When people, from Denmark, is asking me if NYC isn’t a bit scary or unsafe, I will answer: ” I feel more safe in NYC than in Copenhagen”.

New York City is the safest big city in America.

Anyway, when I arrive in New York City at JFK, which is my favorite airport, it’s just like a film that has been paused, and now I press play again.I simply feel at home in NYC!

As I have mentioned in my “Insider Tips”, it’s a good thing to plan your trip in advance.

I do every time. I have the exact amount of money ready for the ticket machine to buy a Metrocard.

The flight was very pleasant. No delays at all. Flew by Brussels Airlines, which I often do. Just a nice short transfer in Bruxelles.

I arrived at 12:50 p.m. and it took only 1 hour from touch down until I was boarding the air shuttle train. Fastest ever!

I had messaged my host and she would leave the key in a specific place for me as she would be at work.

It was the second time at her place, so I knew exactly how to get there – LOL.

A-train from Howard Beach to Nostrand Avenue and then a short 10 min walk.

Unfortunately it started to rain a little bit, so I rushed down the street with my 2 suitcases. You can’t walk with an umbrella and 2 suitcases – LOL.

Finally I got to Saint Marks Avenue, but NO Key, and the rain got heavier.

I called my host and she said, she was inside the house. Well then open the fu…. door. I am standing in the rain – LOL.

She came out and opened. She was home because she had and accident last year and was on sick leave. Well part time seek leave.

I got inside and she told me the story. Unfortunately she couldn’t keep her job as a building supervisor for the city because she had injured her bag.

Well, I got “my old” room, went to the shower and hit the road – LOL.

Pretty tired, I took the train to Manhattan and changed my phone plan on my american telephone number, so I would have internet connection. Well, I also have my Danish phone with Internet connection. Stay connected – LOL.

Rushed back to Brooklyn and bought some groceries,water etc.  at Key Food on Nostrand Avenue. I was too tired to sit at a restaurant, so just made some sandwiches.

Yes I bought bottled water, but actually the tap water in NYC is so clean, that you can drink it. When you are ar restaurants, you are always offered tap water!

New York water comes via huge pipelines from the Catskills Mountains in upstate New York. I well later tell much more about this, so stay tuned – LOL.

Welcome back to New York City – LOL.

I mentioned earlier that it’s a good thing to plan your visit to the City, because NYC has so much to offer, and you can’t see everything.

Well this is my 19th visit to NYC and I had 4 weeks, so I did not plan so much, besides visiting friends, some shows booked in advance etc.

Prior to my visits, I do make a list of new things, places etc. that I want to visit, but not on specific dates, due to the ever changing weather in NYC.

I must admit, that I am a huge Google fan, which comes in handy when writing this post. I can watch my timeline – LOL

As I as am early bird, I got up at 6 a.m. Couldn’t sleep any longer.

Got a nice hot shower, before everybody else woke up.

I stay via Airbnb in a great house on Saint Marks Avenue Brooklyn. There are 2 floors with 3 rooms on each floor. Shared bathroom on each floor.

When I stay in hotels, I prefer private bathroom. but here I don’t mind. Well you get to know the other guests, unlike at a hotel, where it is like rush hour in Grand Central Terminal.

Even though my refrigerator was equipped with breakfast, I decided to go to the City for breakfast at my absolutely favorite breakfast restaurant “Andrews Coffee Shop” in midtown.

I have been here countless times!

2 scrambled eggs with bacon, white toast and a small freshly squeezed orange juice. It comes with roasted potatoes.

“Would you like coffee ?” “Yes please”

This is my standard order, but “andrews” has a lot more to offer.

For many years, it has been the same staff. Later into my stay, I even didn’t have to order. The waitress just asked: “The usual ?”

From Andrews , I went downtown to WTC. Not that I haven’t been here before. Far from, but withed to visit 21st Century Store, which is an awesome department store with great bargains. They have several locations, but the one at WTC is the biggest.

I also visited one of my other favorite places: “Eataly”. NOT Italy, but EATaly – LOL. Bought some nice soap bars.

Even though I have countless photos and videos from WTC, I just had to shoot a little more. This year in 4K.

After a nice stroll along Battery Park, I went home to rest. I had made an evening appointment with my awesome friend Chris.

Chris is one of my best friends in New York. He used to live in Brooklyn, but moved to Oklahoma and are now back in the City. Yay!!

He has a spectacular apartment on St. Nicholas Avenue with an overview of Jackie Robinson Park and view all over to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

We had a nice home cooked dinner and a good talk to catch up on the world situation.

May 24 was cemetery day.

WTF do I mean by that ?

I simply love to walk in the great NYC cemeteries. They are much more spectacular than Danish cemeteries and I am so impressed of these huge monuments.

I have visited many in the past and this time it should be The Evergreen Cemetery in Brooklyn. Just a small ride by train.

As always, I was early up. Had breakfast at home and rushed to the cemetery, where I arrived at 9 a.m. LOL

The weather was great and the air was already nice warm.

After a nice stroll among the living dead – LOL, I went back to Manhattan. More precisely B&H Photo. This is one of the largest Photo / Electronic stores in the US.

It is awesome, and even though you don’t want to buy anything, it is worth seeing, with an unique conveyor belt system to move the goods around the store.

BUT I had made my shopping list in advance – LOL.

Bought some memory cards for my phones and cameras.

I also used the opportunity to use the restroom. Whenever you have the opportunity, please use, as there are practically NO public restrooms in the City!!

Lunch was a couple of hot dogs from a street cart.

The afternoon I spent in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. I took the 7 train from the new 34th street station to Mets-Willets Point.

At this park the US Open in tennis are held. Not that I am the greatest tennis star on Earth(have never tied to play), but here is also the famous Uni-sphere and “Men in Black towers” along with Queens museum of art.

It is a nice park, which I have visited many times. Once with my awesome friends, Eduardo & David from the East Village.

After a long day in the splendid weather, it was time for some shopping at Key Food.

May 25

Today I went on a “Free Tours by Foot”. This concept is awesome. They have a lot of different tours around the city and they are FREE. You only pay tips. As much as you think the tour was worth. Typically 10 $ per person.

You have to book the tour in advance, and I had booked a couple of tours this time.

Today it was the Greenwich Village food tour. On this tour you have to pay a small amount covering the eating.

All tours are performed by people, who knows the city and they are usually very skilled at what they do.

This tour started at the Waverly Restaurant on 6th Avenue, and the weather was nice. This restaurant is nice by the way.

On the tour, we visited:

  • Mamoums Falafel
  • Artichoke pizza
  • Bantum Bagels
  • Faiccos Rice Balls
  • Bleecker Street Pizza
  • Molly’s Cupcakes

At the first stop at Mamoums Falafel on MacDougal Street, the falafels was so warm, that I burned my mouth – LOL

It didn’t make it better as I had dipped them in an extremely spicy Hot-sauce.

Drank some water and rested my poor mouth – LOL

These tours are so interesting, because is not only the food that is good, but you get some insider information about the neighborhood you are walking in.

After the tour, I spent some time at Washington Square Park, Which is the heart of Greenwich Village. There is always a lot going on here on a sunny day.

If you are interested in links to various restaurants etc, please check it out here.

May 26

This fine Saturday, I went yet again to the southern tip of Manhattan, where Castle Clinton is situated.

Well – it used to be a castle. Later on the first immigration station before Ellis Island, then the first aquarium of New York and now ticket office for tours to The Statue of Liberty.

It has actually also been a theater, but that’s another story.

I have been to Liberty Island many times, including walking all the way to the crown.

Normally I arrive early to board the first boat to the island. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, if you know me – LOL

Today luckily , I shouldn’t visit the statue, because when I arrived at approx. 11 a.m., there was a long line I have never seen.! It was huge.

The lesson for the day: ” If you wish to visit the green Lady, then come early!”-

It’s fun just to stroll down here. There are food carts, entertainment etc.

If you want to learn a little more about this area, please read this post.

Next stop on this day was the renowned Central Park, which is my favorite park in the city.

Read more about my walks in the park  here – LOL.

On a sunny day like this Saturday, it is just so life affirming to stroll in this historic green place.

I captured a lot of video in 4K, which is the buzzword this year.

After getting at least 10 years younger due to the clean air in the park, I headed along 59th street to 2nd avenue where you can take a tram way over to Roosevelt Island.

Use your normal Metro card to board the tram.

Roosevelt Island is a small island situated in the East River between Manhattan and Queens.

There used to be a smallpox hospital here, but this is way back in time.

Today it is a very trendy residential area with spectacular views of Manhattan with the UN building etc.

Many people don’t know this, but it is definitely worth seeing, if you got the time.

To go back to Manhattan, you can either take the tram way again or take the F train from the station on the island.


Lunchtime was approaching and I remember I had a great pizza at Eataly  in 2017, when I was guiding an awesome couple from Pennsylvania.

So I rushed back down town to Eataly at WTC site.

After this, I went back home to Crown Heights to rest.

Later in the evening, I had dinner at my favorite restaurant in Times Square, namely Heartland Brewery & Chophouse on 43rd street.

May 27

Lazy Sunday – LOL

No plans. Slept for a long time, until 8am – LOL

Had breakfast in house and a nice hot shower.

Was lying on my bed and thought what to do on this gorgeous day. High Line. Of course – High Line !

High Line is one of the newest parks in Manhattan.

Situated on elevated train tracks, going from Gansevoort in the Meatpacking District  up to 34th street on the West Side.

It was opened in sections and I have practically visited the park every year since the first section opened.

It is not a park in the normal sense of the word, but a walking stretch elevated in the air, approx. 2 floors above street level.

The fauna in the park is cultivated but somehow “wildish”. You have a spectacular view of the Hudson River and the park ends at 34th street just in the middle of the new West Side development area.

One of the biggest construction projects is US history.

Just a few steps from the park entrance, the Whitney Museum is situated.

You MUST visit this awesome museum. It was founded many years ago, but relocated to the present site in 2015.

May 28

As I have been so many times in NYC and know the City pretty well, I urge to see new exciting places within the boroughs.

This Monday, I went to Canarsie in the southern part of Brooklyn.

The L-train runs from 8th avenue in Manhattan all the way to Canarsie. I boarded the train at Broadway Junction after a short ride on the A-train.

There is a short walk from the station to Canarsie Piers,which was my end point.

I had read in a book that this place is a heaven for people who want to watch the incoming planes to JFK. I don’t doubt this, but it was overcast , so no planes to see – LOL.

Anyway the walk was pleasant, but I rather quickly went back to Manhattan. Anyway, I think, due to the large number of parking spots, the place would be greatly visited in the weekends.

The rest of the day I strolled up 8th Avenue and hit Columbus Circle around noon (Lunchtime).

I saw that Nathan’s, which is a very famous hot dog vendor from Coney Island, had brand new hot dog carts stationed here. Later on I found out that these new yellow carts was at many places in the city.

Even though Nathan’s are famous , it can’t compare with Danish hot dogs. Just my opinion as a Dane – LOL

Anyway, they tasted pretty good though and yet another stroll in Central Park. Yay!

This time I went to Bethesda Fountain, which is in the middle of the park.

From here I walked towards the famous Bow Bridge.

For dinner I went downtown to one of my favorite cafe’s, namely Olive Tree Cafe on Macdougal Street, close to Washington Square Park.

The cafe is situated next to the Comedy Cellar, where comedians perform every evening. It IS FUN!!

May 29

World Trade Center(WTC). Everyone knows exactly what they were doing, when the Breaking news broke that September day in 2001.

The twin Towers were destroyed and so many people were killed.

In the following years, I have been watching the process of rebuilding the site.

First time I visiteds NYC was in April 2002, just months after the catastrophe.

Now in 2018, almost everything is rebuild, including The Freedom Tower and the new memorial.

Every year, I visit the site and year was no exception.

I have also been to the 911 museum twice, latest in 2017, where I was a “local” guide for some awesome friends from Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

Normally I just stroll down at the site by myself, but “Free Tours by Foot” have a guided tour to the site.

This day I participated, as you normally get some insider information, that you won’t find in any tourist book.

The tour started at 1 p.m., so I decided to walk over Brooklyn Bridge to get to the site.

Not that I haven’t walked the bridge before. I have even crossed by car in 2012, when I rented a car.

I took the A-train from Nostrand to High Bridge.

From the station, there is only a short walk down to the pedestrian entrance to the bridge.

Every time I cross the bridge, it’s an experience.Awesome views of downtown Manhattan!

The walk ends at City Hall Park, which is a little oasis in the concrete jungle.

From here you can walk to WTC in 5 minutes.

May 30

Besides from going yet another time to Washington Square Park in the afternoon, I went in the evening to the Apollo theater in the evening.

Apollo theater is situated in the heart of Harlem on 125th Street and is best known for its amateur nights.

Amateur nights are held on Wednesdays and is a show where everybody, who thinks they have a talent, can perform for the audience and hope to win a price and get famous.

Many famous stars have started their career this way, including Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and many many more!

The theater also holds ordinary concerts.

I have been passing the theater many times before, but never seen a performance, until 2018.

I had booked a ticket in advance and got a good seat almost in the front.

The show started at 8 p.m., so I went to another famous place in the area to dinner, namely Sylvia’s Restaurant, which is just a short walk from the theater.

Here you can get soul food, but I had lost my soul earlier in the day, so I just grabbed a burger – LMAO.

I was glad that I finally attended a show at Apollo’s!

I was so funny and lively. I wondered if you were allowed to take pictures. It is a theater – LOL, but they encouraged you to post on facebook, Instagram and other social media during the show! WOW!!

This is NOT a normal concert or show. If you like the performer, you applause, but if you dislike the performer, you “Bahh”. Actually one of the performers were pushed out of the stage – LOL. No mercy here!!

Everyone had a good time and I laughed so much that night, which I normally never do – LMAO. Just kidding.

Memorable evening indeed, and the show is highly recommended.

May 31

Since 2012, I have been tattooed in the City.

My first tattoo was “I love NY” logo on my chest. Then it was the mask of “The Phantom of the Opera”. Later on The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge.

This year I had decided to get The Chrysler Building on my right arm.

In earlier days, you could go from the bar to the tattoo shop and get a tattoo. Many sailors did so, but not today.

You have to make an appointment and pay $100 in advance. You even have to document that you are legal of age, which should not be difficult for me. Look at my fu…ng face – LOL.

I have been to 3 different studios. Red Rocket Tattoo, Rising Dragon Tattoo and Brooklyn Tattoo.

My favorite is Red Rocket Tattoo in Midtown Manhattan on the corner of 36th Street and 6th Avenue.

Not that I dislike the other studios. Far from. They have all done amazing work, but Red Rocket is my favorite.

It’s quite funny, that it is a different artist every time. These studios has a lot of guest artists, but the owner guarantees the quality of the work.

I had to do some shopping in Macy’s, which is situated very close to the shop, so I went to Macy’s to do my shopping in the morning. The studio does not open until 12.

It was a rainy day with showers coming and going, so a good stroll at Macy’s was quite nice.

At 12 noon, I entered the studio and talked with an artist called Matthew Adams. He was very pleasant and I made an appointment the next Friday.

June 1

New York has so many forms of transportation.

Walk, Subway, Regional train, Taxi, Tram and ferries and maybe many more.

This fine day, I decided to go on a couple of East River ferries.

They are operated by NYC Ferry and are basically commuter ferries, but anyone can use them.

The fare is (2018) 2,75 for a one-way ticket and the easiest way to buy is on an app on your phone, but can also be bought at the boarding area.

It’s a fun way to explore the city and maybe go to places that you never would visit.

I took the G-train to Nassau Avenue,Brooklyn and walked in Greenpoint neighborhood towards the ferry landing.

At the ferry landing you have the most spectacular view of the East River and Manhattan.

From there, I boarded the ferry bound for Wall Street.

the ride, you can explore Manhattan and Williamsburg from the seaside, and you can buy drinks and snacks on board.

June 2

I have been so many times to NYC, so I like to explore places outside the city.

On this day I went to Saratoga Springs, which is situated upstate New York.

I had booked a bus ticket through Greyhound in advance. I like things to be planned and organized.

Saratoga Springs is a famous little town, best known for the horse races in August, but also for its many Spa’s with the healing water. Hence the name – Saratoga Springs.

The weather was beautiful and the bus ride quite pleasant  with a stop in Albany where we could buy some lunch. Albany is the capital of New York State.

After arriving at the bus terminal at Saratoga Springs,I decided to walk towards downtown in the nice weather.

Walking along Church Street towards the center, I realized that this town is all about dentists, lawyers and horses – LOL.

After a pretty long walk (should have taken a taxi), I was hungry and had a pizza on Broadway at Max London’s.

I didn’t have so much time and to see much of Saratoga Springs, you have to have a car, so I just decided to walk down Broadway to Congress Park.

After this little tour, I walked back to the station again.

If you want to explore Saratoga Springs in depth, you must have a car and more time than I had, but the town is lovely!!

June 3

One of my very good friends in NYC is Will from The Bronx.

He is an awesome guy,I have known for some years now.

He has been singing in a choir for many years and he invited me to watch a performance at the Fountain House in midtown  this fine Sunday.

I went to Grand Central in the morning to catch breakfast and get some pics of the terminal. Like I didn’t have any – LOL.

At 1 p.m. I met with Will in front of Fountain House. We went in to this room looking like a normal living room, though it was rather large.

More and more people came and I realized it was the choir – LOL.

They started to rehearse and later on the audience came.

I think the choir was very skilled and I shot quite a lot of video.

If I was a “normal” tourist , I would never had experienced this.

Thanks to my friend Will !!

After the performance, we went to “Villa” near Times Square and grabbed some pizza.

Unfortunately I didn’t have some much time this day, so we called it a day, but what a day !!!

June 4

In February  2018, I purchased my first Drone (DJI Mavic Air), which can shoot in 4K.

I am very excited about this and I realized there was a DJI store in Manhattan, so  on this day I would visit the store, but first breakfast at my favorite place Andrews Coffee Shop.

The DJI store is situated on Broadway, so Times Square was investigated for the 117th time – LOL

I know many locals call Times Square for a tourist trap, and it might be so, but I love the energy at this place.

Well…….  do NOT engage with the many cartoon figures here and do NOT take one of the “free” CD’s you are offered. Also do NOT engage with the FAKE monks !!!

Besides this, Times Square is harmless and touristy – LOL

I arrived at the store and bought an extension landing gear for my drone. When I can home to Denmark, I realized it was the wrong type. Damn it “. Now I have to go back next year and and return it  – LOL

I didn’t bring my drone to NYC, thought I could do. You have to register at the FAA and because I am not trained, I left it behind in DK.

OMG – you can get some awesome professional drones, but way out of my price range – LOL

Later I walked down Broadway and turned right towards 8th Avenue.

At the corner of 8th Avenue and 46th Street the is a small Shopping Court. A little market with several independent vendors.

Here, I always buy T-shirts. They are good quality at a fair price.

After shopping, I was hungry. It was about lunch, and I just found a good Italian restaurant just around the corner. Daniela Trattoria.

I got a rather good pizza and continued down 8th Avenue.

June 5

The weather this Tuesday was beautiful and in the morning I headed to Coney Island.

I have been here many times, but this place is awesome on a sunny day.

Coney Island is one of the many nice beaches within the city limits. Who would think of this ?

“Isn’t New York only concrete, towers and noise ? “


New York has many sandy beaches.  Just look here.

Coney Island is also well known for the amusement park, which was established back in the early 20th Century.

The famous Nathan’s (Hot Dogs) was also founded here in 1916 and in 2018 with the new yellow food carts all over the city.

Well, well, well …. It can’t beat the Danish Hot Dog !!!!

I went for a walk along the boardwalk and entered a pier stretching out in the sea.

Here, a lot of people were fishing and enjoying the good weather.

I remember thinking: “This is life”

All this fresh air and strolling turns you into a hungry beast – LOL

I grabbed a slice and a coke and continued along the boardwalk to New York Aquarium,which is situated here.

Back in the day, the aquarium was situated in Castle Clinton in Battery Park. This is now ticket office for Statue of Liberty Cruises.

The aquarium is worth seeing whether you are a kid or a grown up !

In the afternoon I headed back to Manhattan and did some shopping in 21. Century Store adjacent to WTC.

New York has so many restaurants, but later I couldn’t decide where to eat, so I ended up at a Burger King on Fulton Street – LOL

June 6

Even though I got a haircut before I got to New York, I thought that it had grown a little long. Well,well,,,  I am almost bald, but anyway.. LOL

Every time i’m in NYC, I get a haircut at EPIC barber shop on 6th avenue.

It’s a little unnoticeable shop on the 2nd floor, but they do a good job.

But the day started with breakfast at Andrews  It is nearby – LOL.

I said a close cut to the barber guy and oh shit, it was close. I was totally bald – LOL.

After my hair chock, I went for a stroll at Bryant Park, which is situated between 5th and 6th avenue.

It is a small park, but quite “busy”. They offer a lot of activities during both summer and winter with a free ice rink at winter.

At summer there are free books to read. After all it is just beside New York Public Library.

Beneath the park the library has a huge storage room for books, and at one end of the park there is an escape hatch (well camouflaged). Just in case the storage room caught fire.

During summer there are also a lot of free concerts and performances.

You have a great view of Empire State Building from the park.

Later I went to Times Square to collect my ticket for The Phantom of the Opera musical.

This was my 7th time to watch the musical and probably not my last – LOL.

I simply love this show, especially at Broadway. It is fabulous!!

In 2012 I even got a tattoo of the Phantom mask on my left arm.

After the show I went for a stroll at Times Square. It is always great to see all the neon signs by night.

June 7

Today the weather was rainy, so actually I spent the whole day at home watching movies.

June 8

Finally the day for my new tattoo. I was so excited.

Breakfast at (not Tiffany’s) but home – LOL.

After breakfast a stroll at Macy’s. Fabulous store !!

The Red Rocket Tattoo opens at 12 p.m. and of course I was the first to enter. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I discussed the last details with Matt and He started to make the Chrysler Building on my right arm.

It took 3 hours and the result was just awesome. I love this tattoo!!!!

I have 3 other tattoos made by Red Rocket. Statue of Liberty, “Empire State Building” and “I love NY logo”.

June 9

This day I went on a longer boat ride from Rockaway Beach to wall Street.

As I have told before, NYC has many forms of public transportation, including NYC ferries.

These ferries are cruising primarily between locations along the East River, but also to a landing at Rockaway Beach.

I took the A train from Nostrand Avenue( my home station ) to Far Rockaway.

The weather was good and I strolled around for a bit.

From here you can see the Freedom Tower in the distant. It is like you are not in New York City at all.

I love to take these small tours around the city.

Thank God for Google Maps. I found the ferry landing.

Actually close to where I was – LOL.

The ferry ride went to Sunset Park in Brooklyn and then to Williamsburg, ending at Wall Street..

The total fare is only $2.75 like all the rides via NYC Ferry.

I think it is an awesome way to explore and see the city from another perspective.

June 10

Lazy Sunday – LOL.

Just went for a stroll around the City and had dinner with some friends in the evening.

June 11

When I am not in New York, I work as a financial Controller in Copenhagen at a Company called DIS.

DIS hosts American students via a Study abroad program.

In the spring 2018 we hosted a student (Quinn Simek) who lives in Kingston New York.

He is an awesome guy and, I became friends with him.

During their stay in Copenhagen, we are not allowed to socialize with the students, but This June he was back in New York and He invited me up to Kingston for lunch.

I took the Metro North train via Hudson Line to Poughkeepsie, where he was waiting for me in his truck.

I arrived at around 12 p.m.and we went for a long ride around the countryside in his truck.

He is an amazing storyteller and I learned a lot about the area.

Among other places we went to Catskill Mountains, where the water reservoir to New York City is situated.

It is amazing that all the city’s water comes from here 200 miles north of the city via huge pipelines and aqueducts.

After gazing at the lake, we went to Woodstock for lunch.

Woodstock is famous for the rock concert performed here in the sixties.

It was so amazing to hear all the history Quinn could tell about the area.

If you want to explore the areas Upstate, you need a car though.

I was lucky to get a ride with Quinn. Thanks a lot to him!!!!

He is a busy guy and had to go to work in the afternoon, so after a good 3 hours, I headed back to New York City.

June 12

On this day I planned to go on a tour to Bronx Zoo and High Bridge.

High Bridge is the oldest bridge in New York City dating back to 1848 where it served as an aqueduct carrying water to the city.

It was closed to the public for many years, but opened again recently with a pedestrian walkway.

It is normally not a place any tourist would visit, but I’m not normal – LOL

You get a spectacular view from the bridge and it connects Manhattan to The Bronx.

After entering The Bronx, I walked to the Zoo, which in fact is close to another attraction, namely New York Botanical Garden.

Bronx Zoo is the largest urban Zoo in USA and I have visited it a couple of times. The first time in 2002 when I was in NYC for the first time.

It’s a really beautiful place, and my favorite animal is the tiger, but this time they were sleeping, so NO tiger pictures this time – LOL

In the evening I had dinner with my good friend Chris Lawrence, who lives at St. Nicholas Avenue, Manhattan in an awesome apartment on the 7th floor with a fantastic view all the way to Yankee Stadium in The Bronx.

June 13

Today was a rainy day and of course I have an umbrella, but I had seen a smart umbrella that I would like to have.

It seemed that I could only get it online, but I rushed to several stores in the city, but nooo smart umbrella.

I ended up at K-Mart mega Store in Queens. Just next to the end line of the M train.

Huge department store, I must say,but still no smarty umbrella. Instead I bought another small weather stabil umbrella.

I did not go all this way and end up umbrella-less – LOL.

Anyway good to know that there is a huge store on this location just next to the subway.

The rest of the day spent at home, due to the rainy weather, despite I now had 3 different umbrellas – LOL

By the way – Do NOT buy these $5 umbrellas. They only last 30 minutes and “puff” they are “gone with the wind” – LMAO

June 14

Less known to tourists, New York has a PATH train.

PATH is an abbreviation for “Port Authority Trans Hudson”

It is a special train line connecting Manhattan with New Jersey via the Hudson River. Or more correctly under the Hudson River – LOL

I took the train from 33th street to Hoboken. (Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken !!)

From here you have the most amazing view of the western sea front of Manhattan.

PATH has several lines and you can actually go all the way to Newark by one of the lines.

Newark is one of the large international airports serving NYC.


My stay had almost come to and end this year, so this  Friday I spent in the city shopping . Not that I needed anything besides the traditional T-shirts and perfume – LOL


This Saturday there was “Mermaid Parade” at Coney Island.

I had never seen it before, so I went down there pretty early to get a good spot.

I got a good spot just next to “Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs”.

The weather was calm and sunny and before you could blink, all the streets was closed and filled with people.

The parade was very amazing, but when I would leave for home, I almost couldn’t get out, because of all the traffic blocks.


Last whole day in NYC, which I in the morning spent around Pulaski Bridge. The border between Brooklyn and Queens.

From this bridge you have a scenic view of Manhattan Skyline. I had been here before, but not with 4K footage – LOL.

In the  afternoon I was ,for the last time this year, in my beloved Central Park, gathering energy for tomorrow’s flight back to Copenhagen.

I packed in the evening, so everything was ready and clean.

June 18

My plane would leave from JFK at 5.50 p.m., but I am always an early bird, so I hit JFK at approx. 2 p.m.

I have had a wonderful vacation for 4 weeks in my beloved “Greatest City in known Universe”, namely NEW YORK CITY.

See you next year in 2019 on my 20th trip to the city.

Stay tuned – LOL

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