What is this post about ?

Spring in the City!!


People always ask me:
“what time of year is the best to visit New York City ?”
My answer to that question is :All year round!

Well, every season has its charms, but I must admit that my favorite season in the City is the spring season.

This post take you to three awesome places.

The first one is Brooklyn Botanical Garden, that is situated in Brooklyn. Surprise !! LOL.

BBG is adjacent to Prospect Park, that is designed by the same landscape architects who designed Central Park in Manhattan .

The videos and pictures in this post is from Easter 2006 (April). Someone will probably say that 2006 is ages ago, so why blog about that.

My mission is to share my knowledge of New York City with you and no matter how old the pictures or videos are, they can hopefully give you a little inspiration on your journey to the Center of the Earth (NYC) – LOL.

The cherry trees are surprisingly only blooming in Spring, but if you get the chance to be here at this time of year, please do visit the Cherry Esplanade within the garden.  Its awesome and so picturesque. Mark my words !

Even though you might not be here in the spring, please visit BBG and Prospect Park. It is truly worth a visit!

The second place on this Spring Tour is Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th. avenue in Manhattan.

I was here during Easter in 2006 and experienced the Easter Parade, that took place on Easter Day.

New York City is famous for its many parades taking place during the year.

Easter Parade is not a typical parade. It is merely a show case of people wearing all kinds of self made hats and other strange  things placed on the head, but its a funny experience and you have a good chance of talk with all kinds of people.

The third place is right opposite Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, namely Rockefeller Center.

Rockefeller Center is also called “a city within The City”, as it is a huge complex of buildings interconnected underground.

The complex was built during the great depression and gave work to many unemployed people.

Today it is famous for “Top of the Rock”. Sightseeing platform on the 70th floor of the GE building(Main building).

During Winter and Spring the Ice rink in front of the building is also widely visited by ice skaters (lovers) – LOL.

The photos & videos in this post is concentrated around the above three mentioned places, but New York City in Spring is awesome all over the City.

You will experience a wide range of awesome things and you can really feel that people are yearning for warmth.


Also watch my commented videos from Spring 2006 (In Danish)


Maps of places